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The Mana Gemstone Bracelet | Rose Quartz + Opal

Kokua Collective

Mana [Ma-nah] a Hawaiian word meaning strength and power. This woman's gemstone bracelet features two stones that do just that! The Rose Quartz and Opal pair together perfectly in beauty, and in meaning, making it a thoughtful gift to yourself or someone special!

Rose Quartz:
 Rose quartz is a subtle, but beautiful stone that provides healing and calmness to the stressed and disconcerted individual by giving off a soothing and gentle energy. The perfect stone for those going through heartache, struggling with inner peace, or those that just want to feel a little more love and strength!

Opal: From ancient times, it has been believed for its power to heal disordered energy. Use it when you want to calm down ups and downs of your feelings, and feel more balance or in control of your emotions.

  • Details
    + Authentic Rose Quartz and Opal gemstones

    + Made using an 8mm bead  
    + Small/Medium measures 7 inches circumference
    + Medium/Large measures 7.5 inches circumference
    + Optional Rose Gold or Sterling Silver 10mm hand stamped charm
    + High quality elastic cord for easy everyday wear
    + Free Reusable pouch to keep your jewelry safe and clean
    + Handmade in Canada
    + Eco-friendly packaging
    + Ethically sourced beads

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